Seattle: The Guide

Why visit Seattle?

Seattle is a city in the northwestern United States, about 150 km from the Canadian border. It is located in Washington State. Seattle is well known to tourists and has many interesting places of interest and activities. It is certainly a city to visit at least once during a holiday in the United States! between the Space Needle, a recognizable tower between one thousand 184 meters high, Lake Washington and the famous Seattle Zoo, there will be something for everyone. Seattle is full of surprises, and to help you organize your stay as well as possible, Génération Voyage has prepared a travel guide for you!

Where to stay in Seattle (apartments, hotels, hostels,…)?

Seattle, like any major city in the United States, has a large number of housing units in all its neighbourhoods. From the city centre to the outskirts of the city, you will be spoilt for choice. If you are unsure, here are two ideas for holiday accommodation in the Downtown, Seattle’s business district. You will find many museums, cinemas and theatres for entertainment, and the second most popular tourist area is Capitol Hill. This is one of the most pleasant neighborhoods in Seattle. Whatever you choose, Generation Travel gives you as much information as possible about the best neighborhoods and accommodations in Seattle!

Schedules, maps and practical information in Seattle

Organizing a trip to Seattle can sometimes seem difficult and requires a lot of information. You will need it for the American visa, metro cards or public transport schedules, do you need a hand to prepare for a trip to Seattle? We have prepared articles that will allow you to learn more about the schedules, the city maps, but also the budget on site. Thanks to this, you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable holiday without unpleasant surprises!

Also to be seen in Seattle

There are many places to discover in Seattle that have become essential and very popular with tourists. However, if you want to visit the city through the eyes of a local, then there are many more places that you should absolutely discover. And be aware that these are not always in the travel guides, such as the Olympic Sculpture Park and its dozens of sculptures during a walk. Visit Seattle’s Central Library and admire its architecture or spend time with your family at the Seattle Aquarium. You can also stroll through the streets of this great city and enjoy Pioneer Square, which is the historic district, and if you want more tranquility, enjoy a walk in Discovery Park, the largest in the city. And don’t forget to visit Seattle’s oldest market, the Pike Place Market! there is so much to do in Seattle during your trip. To help you, Génération Voyage gives you its advice and information about the best places to visit. Even when it comes to the most secret!

When to go to Seattle

Seattle est soumise à un climat tempéré légèrement influencé par l’océan. La ville dispose donc d’un climat assez froid en hiver avec des précipitations relativement importantes. Néanmoins, les températures sont douces à chaudes en été, ce qui est bien plus agréable.Il est donc déconseillé de se rendre à Seattle de novembre à mars, à cause des températures basses et des précipitations assez importantes. Envisagez plutôt les mois de mai à septembre. Durant cette période, les températures sont comprises entre 20 et 28 °C en moyenne, et les précipitations sont minimes. Attention cependant, pendant les mois de juillet et août, la ville connait sa période la plus sèche de l’année.